Meng Sworn Into Fifth Term in Congress With Historically Diverse Democratic Majority in the House

Jan 3, 2021
Press Release
Congresswoman vows to continue fighting for Queens

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens) was today sworn into her fifth term in the United States House of Representatives.

“I am honored to return to Washington and represent my constituents’ voices and interests in Congress,” said Meng. “Last year was exceptionally difficult for our community as we faced COVID-19 together. Queens was the epicenter of the epicenter and suffered the brunt of the virus’ consequences. Small businesses suffered immensely; students struggled to learn in a remote learning environment; and many lives were tragically cut short because of the virus. The virus has also disproportionately affected communities of color and frontline workers, especially health care professionals, who have worked nonstop to save people’s lives. There are many unsung heroes who went to work to keep our City running. We are forever grateful for their courage and sacrifices and must commit to making sure their sacrifice was not in vain.”

“As we commence the new 117th Congress, I am ready to immediately get to work to help American workers and families who have struggled and faced such unimaginable pain and loss throughout this pandemic. We must fully stop COVID-19 in its tracks, so that we can finally recover and rebuild our economy, heal our communities, and reconnect with our loved ones,” added Meng. “My core priorities are protecting the safety, health, and livelihoods of my constituents; strengthening our immigrant communities; making sure that no one goes hungry; providing everyone with affordable and accessible internet; and fighting for strong environmental protections that keep our air and water clean. I want to build a future where working families can succeed, while ending injustices and inequalities. I will prioritize legislation and work hard – every second – for that future, because everyone deserves a fighting chance.”

Meng represents New York’s Sixth Congressional District which encompasses west, central and northeast Queens.

See attached photo of Meng after she was sworn into her fifth term today.

Meng swearing-in photo

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