Learn about my work in Congress on Education issues.

Energy and Environment

Learn about my work in Congress on Energy and the Environmental issues.


America has always been a country of immigrants, and the legacy of their hard work remains with us even today. The American economy owes much of its competitiveness to newly-arrived workers, and American culture owes its richness and complexity to the cultural contributions of immigrants.

Jobs and the Economy

Good jobs and a strong economy are very important to our district and to my work in Congress. Learn more about my views on this issue.


After a lifetime of hard work, seniors deserve to know that the promises of Social Security and Medicare will be upheld. Social Security is a vital safety net into which seniors have already paid. It lifts 22 million people out of poverty, including 15 million senior citizens.

Small Business Issues

Small Businesses are the key to Queens’ economic growth and development. As a member of the Small Business Committee, and Ranking Member of the Contracting and Workforce Subcommittee, I recognize the importance of supporting small businesses, and ensuring that they have adequate resources for success.

Veterans Issues

Learn about my work in Congress to support our Veterans.