Meng Resumes Regular Activities After Robbery

Nov 20, 2013
Press Release

U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) announced today that she has resumed regular activities after being robbed last night near Capitol Hill.
Meng was walking towards her Washington apartment after having dinner at a D.C. restaurant when she was struck in the back of the head near Sixth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. As she fell to the ground, the perpetrator took her handbag, then fled on foot.
“While this was a frightening ordeal, I fortunately was not seriously injured,” said Meng. “Obviously, things could have been much worse. I thank the U.S. Capitol Police and the District of Columbia Police for responding quickly and professionally.”
The Congresswoman suffered a bruise on her chin and underwent a CAT scan at George Washington University Hospital.
Meng is a freshman lawmaker representing the New York City borough of Queens