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Congresswoman Grace Meng

Representing the 6th District of New York

Meng Applauds NYS Assembly for Eliminating Sales Tax on Tampons and Pads

Mar 15, 2016
Press Release

U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens) today applauded the New York State Assembly for passing legislation to eliminate the sales tax on tampons and pads. The vote comes a week-and-a-half after Meng called on the chamber to repeal it.

“The Assembly’s vote to eliminate the sales tax on tampons and pads is a giant step forward in making essential feminine hygiene products more affordable to women,” said Meng. “It also helps to change the way our society views menstruation. Feminine hygiene products are not luxury items. These products are costly and necessary items that women must pay for over much of their lifetime. I thank the Assembly for recognizing this, and I renew my call on the State Senate to approve the bill as well. Congratulations to the legislation’s sponsor Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal for this terrific accomplishment.”

In addition to advocating for the elimination of sales tax on tampons and pads, Meng has spearheaded several efforts on the federal level to make feminine hygiene more accessible to women. She recently convinced FEMA to add feminine hygiene products – such as tampons and pads – to the list of items that homeless assistance providers can purchase with federal grant funds. She is also pushing legislation that would allow Americans to buy feminine hygiene products with money from flexible spending accounts.

The State Assembly’s vote to repeal the sales tax on tampons and pads took place this afternoon.