New Rep. Meng Pushing Gun Background Checks

Jan 10, 2013
In The News

Rep. Grace Meng is adjusting nicely to Washington D.C. during her first week on the job. “It’s very exciting, very chaotic,” she said. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the glamour. There are so many opportunities to meet famous people in D.C., but my No. 1 job is to know the needs of my district.”

Meng has already found an apartment within walking distance from her office, met likely Secretary of State John Kerry, and is crafting a bill that would require gun buyers to undergo background checks from a gun dealer who lost his license.

“We were going around [Friday] to get support,” she said. “First off, we wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden. I think there’s momentum in the country.”

Meng has also been getting advice from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who told her to balance her time between work and family, Rep. Joe Crowley, who told her to “be responsive” and to stay true to her constituents, and the recently retired Rep. Gary Ackerman, who said to do the hard work to make the country “well” but “don’t let the job define you.”