Meng leads frontline demands

Apr 9, 2020
In The News

Twice in one day, Rep. Grace Meng (D-Flushing) led the New York congressional delegation in letters calling for transparency in equipment distribution and support for healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic.

The first April 7 letter, addressed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, demanded greater transparency in how it distributes supplies and equipment, and to create a centralized system to procure items such as personal protective equipment and ventilators for hospitals.

A second letter released later in the day urged President Trump to fully invoke the Defense Production Act to ensure that frontline healthcare workers across the country have the medical technology and protection that they need to save lives during the pandemic. The delegation also demanded increased Department of Defense personnel and materials — such as creating field hospitals or distributing emergency PPE — to state and local governments, and to provide unrationed COVID-19 test kits with rapid results to healthcare workers to help keep them safe and on the frontlines.