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Congress Approves a New Zip Code for Glendale

Dec 2, 2016
In The News

Glendale’s fight for its own ZIP code came to a head on Wednesday, Nov. 30, as the House of Representatives was set to vote on the bill put forth by Congresswoman Grace Meng.

At 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Meng announced the House passed the bill by a voice vote; it moves on to the Senate. Check for further details.

For three years, Meng has tried to get Glendale a ZIP code separate from Ridgewood’s 11385, which it has shared for more than 30 years. In her latest attempt, Meng urged that her bill (H.R. 657) be included in any postal-related legislation that the panel may pass by the end of 2016 — when the current session of Congress is set to end.

In a letter dated Aug. 29 to Congressmen Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings, the current respective chair and ranking member of the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform, Meng cites several reasons as to why Glendale should receive its own ZIP code.

According to Meng, many Glendale residents complain about problems with receiving mail because many times mail is sent to the Ridgewood post office first, then makes its way to the Glendale post office, delaying delivery to the residents of Glendale.

“Despite having its own post office, residents report slow mail service and problems with receiving mail,” Meng wrote in the letter. “Glendale is not always a recognized neighborhood within the ZIP code, as Ridgewood is the primary neighborhood listed. This results in mail that often gets sent first to Ridgewood, delaying the mail or even causing it to be returned to sender.”