Meng Opposes Postal Service Plan to End Saturday Mail Delivery

Feb 7, 2013
Press Release
U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens) today issued the following statement opposing the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to do away with Saturday mail delivery:
“The Postal Service’s decision to eliminate Saturday delivery is very disappointing. I strongly oppose it.
We all understand the pressure that the Postal Service is under to cut costs. It continues to hemorrhage millions of dollars.
But this plan would not return the Postal Service to fiscal solvency, and it would create hardships for millions of Americans, including small businesses, that depend on Saturday service. It is also disturbing that the plan attempts to circumvent Congress' authority on the matter.
If Republicans in the House had passed a Postal reform bill last year - like the Senate did - perhaps we wouldn’t be in this position. But that is all the more reason for Congress to act now.
In the meantime, I urge Postal officials to look at other ways to cut costs such as eliminating the requirement that they pre-fund employee pension costs.
I hope that the Postal Service will reconsider its misguided plan to end Saturday delivery. If it does not, I will work with many other Members of Congress to fight against it.”