Meng Issues Statement on Reopening of the Federal Government - Raising of the Debt Ceiling

Oct 16, 2013
Press Release
U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens) tonight issued the following statement on the reopening of the federal government and raising of the debt ceiling:
“It is long overdue, but the federal government is open and the debt ceiling is raised. This is a welcome development for our country, but the damage caused is irreversible and was completely unnecessary.
Without repealing, delaying, or defunding the Affordable Care Act, reasonable elected officials were able to avert a crisis that would have plunged the U.S. into another economic abyss, possibly worse than the Great Recession. We’ve ended the nightmare that took an enormous toll on millions of Americans, and I hope those who led us there will never do so again.
Furloughed federal employees can get back to work, and mothers, children, veterans and seniors will once again receive vital services that should have never been so callously taken away.
I hope the resolution to this shutdown is representative of the progress Democrats and Republicans will be able to make during the upcoming budget negotiations. We can solve the great problems facing our country, but we must resist the political extremists that will undoubtedly attempt to hijack the process again. Politics is the art of compromise, and rather than waging futile battles, both parties need to come together for the good of our country.
The deal that we passed should have been approved on September 30. But now that the shutdown is over and default has been avoided, we must get back to conducting the business of the American people, and solving the many important problems Americans need us to fix.
I’m just glad that we can finally move forward and put this sad and unnecessary chapter behind us.”