Meng Helps Pass Legislation to Repeal President Trump’s Muslim Ban

Jul 23, 2020
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) announced today that she helped pass the NO BAN Act which seeks to repeal President Trump’s travel bans that target individuals from several predominantly Muslim countries. The legislation, which Meng cosponsored, passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 233-183.
“Since President Trump first announced his Muslim travel ban, I have led efforts to defund it, and I was proud to support and help pass the NO BAN Act as well,” said Congresswoman Meng. “Muslims are hard-working members of our communities particularly here in Queens. They contribute to the greatness of our country and help improve neighborhoods throughout our borough and across the nation. We must continue standing up to the President’s xenophobia and discrimination against Muslims. This bigotry is ugly, cruel and un-American, and we will not stop fighting for the rights of the Muslim community. I urge the Senate to now follow the House’s lead and immediately pass the NO BAN Act.”
"The Muslim Bar Association of New York (MuBANY) was pleased to see that the House passed the NO BAN Act and thanks Congresswoman Meng and other Congressional leaders for this very important legislation,” said the Muslim Bar Association of New York. “The NO BAN Act would repeal the Muslim and African ban, and would prevent future presidents from passing similar immigration restrictions. America was founded by immigrants and continues to be a place where all people can achieve their dreams. As lawyers in New York, many who are immigrants or the children of immigrants, we know that New York has been the first stop to a new life for generations of immigrants, and we are pleased to see legislation that protects the rights of people to achieve the American dream. We are grateful to all the leaders who continue to fight against Islamophobia, xenophobia, and the climate of hate and otherness."
"The South Asian Bar Association of New York (SABANY) applauds the House of Representatives on passing the NO BAN Act and we thank Congresswoman Meng for co-sponsoring this important piece of legislation,” said the South Asian Bar Association of New York. “SABANY has long opposed President Trump's Muslim travel ban, its discriminatory intent and the harm it inflicts on Muslims across the world, many of whom have a South Asian background and call America home. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable and this ban on the basis of religion should be overturned. We hope to see this Act quickly pass the Senate and become a law that protects our Muslim brothers and sisters."
The NO BAN Act, introduced in April 2019 by Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) and Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), also contains several other provisions:
  • Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act’s nondiscrimination provision to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on religion and to apply all nondiscrimination protections to immigrant and nonimmigrant visas alike.
  • Limits a President’s overly broad authority to issue future bans by requiring suspensions and restrictions to be temporary, based on credible facts, narrowly tailored to a compelling interest, and circumscribed to the least restrictive means possible.
  • Requires the President to consult with the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security before restricting or suspending the entry of individuals and increases mandatory reporting requirements to Congress.
  • Provides a presumption in favor of granting humanitarian and family-based waivers.
In January 2017, Meng was the first Member of Congress to introduce legislation aimed at stopping President Trump’s Muslim ban, and she has consistently spoken out against his rhetoric and polices towards Muslims and immigrants.